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What is the Fare Deal?

From March 1 – September 30, 2023, Greater Portland METRO, Biddeford Saco Old Orchard Beach Transit, and South Portland Bus Service are discounting bus fare on their transit systems. All bus rides will be half of their regular price during this promotion, including local and express service and full and reduced fares. The discounted fares are available to riders using either cash or the DiriGo Pass.
Press Release – HERE


Why is the Fare Deal promotion happening?

 Ridership on transit systems in southern Maine, and across the country, is still below 2019 levels. The Fare Deal aims to welcome new and returning passengers back to transit by providing an even more affordable alternative to driving and rideshare services.



I have single-ride tickets that I purchased before the Fare Deal promotional period. Will they still work?

Yes, all single-ride tickets will continue to work during the Fare Deal; however, they will remain single-ride tickets (they will not work twice). During the Fare Deal, single-ride tickets will be sold at the “Fare Deal” rate, and will no longer work after September 30, 2023. Passengers holding full-price single-ride tickets purchased before March 2023 can wait to use these tickets after the Fare Deal promotion expires.



What payment methods are discounted as part of the Fare Deal?

All payment methods (DiriGo Pass, Umo, and cash) apply to the Fare Deal. You pay 50% of your base fare no matter how you pay.



I’m a reduced fare (senior, veteran, Medicare, disabled, youth, etc.) passenger. Does the Fare Deal apply to me?

Yes! Reduced fare passengers’ fares will be reduced from $1 to $0.50 during the promotional period (March 1, 2023 to September 30, 2023). 



I ride the METRO BREEZ or BSOOB Transit’s Route 70/Zoom. How does the Fare Deal affect me?

All fares are reduced by 50% during the promotional period (March 1, 2023 to September 30, 2023), including routes with higher base fares such as the BREEZ and ZOOM. The fare for BREEZ is reduced from $4 to $2, and the fare for ZOOM is reduced from $5 to $2.50. The 50% promotional fare reduction is applied to reduced fares as well. 



How does the Fare Deal affect fare capping?

As part of the Fare Deal, fare caps are also cut by 50% during the promotional period (March 1, 2023 to September 30, 2023). The fare caps for standard-fare, local bus trips is reduced from $6 per day to $3 per day and $60 per month to $30 per month. This 50% reduction is also applied to fare caps for higher-fare routes (BREEZ and ZOOM) as well as reduced-fare fare caps. To learn more about fare capping, click here



Why is the Fare Deal a promotion, and not a permanent fare reduction?

The Fare Deal is made possible via funding from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), a federal bill that allotted funding to METRO, South Portland, and Biddeford Saco Old Orchard Beach Transit (BSOOB) in a competitive regional process. This federal funding is being used to offset each agency’s operating costs during the promotional period. The funding is limited, so it cannot be applied toward a permanent fare reduction. 



How does the DiriGo Pass work?

Create and manage your personal DiriGo Pass account online or through the UMO Mobile App. Once you create an account, you can add stored value, make transfers, and monitor your account activity all in one place.


How can I get my DiriGo Pass smartcard?

You are able to get a DiriGo Pass smartcard and any of our office locations: 

Greater Portland METRO – Elm Street Pulse: Open 7:00am – 7:00pm Monday through Friday
Biddeford, Saco, Old Orchard Beach Transit – The Saco Transportation Center: Open 9:00am – 4:00pm Monday through Friday
South Portland Bus Service – South Portland City Hall Finance Department: Open 8:00am – 4:30pm Monday through Friday
We can also mail a card to your current address! To request this, please fill out our info form. 

What are the fares for riding?

Coming SOON:
Effective March 1 – September 30, 2023, all fares — local and express, full and reduced —  will be 50% off.

The fare for all local routes on all service providers are $2.00. The BREEZ is $4.00. The ZOOM Express Line (Purple) is $5.00. Reduced fare rate is half of the full fare listed for all routes. When you pay using your DiriGo Pass, you receive a 90 Minute pass to ride all routes. For example, if you scan or tap onto a BREEZ bus, you can ride any Local or Express bus as long as you board within 90 minutes. Cash Riders on METRO and BSOOB Transit must pay per boarding NO TRANSFERS. Transfers for all South Portland Bus Service routes are still available. 

What is stored value?

When you add money to your account, it becomes stored value. You use this stored value to pay as you ride. You can load a minimum of $5.00 and a maximum of $200 into your account. If you create an account, you can use a debit or credit card to set up an autoload where your account will add more stored value when the balance goes below $5.00.

Will all three transit agencies still accept cash?

Yes, we will still accept cash. You must pay exact fare. However, there will be no paper transfers, so each ride will cost you exact fare. 

*South Portland Bus Service has paper transfers for South Portland routes only. 

What is Fare Capping?

Fare capping allows for frequent travel and financial flexibility. It provides the benefits of a multi-ride discounted pass without having to pay up-front costs. When you use your DiriGo Pass smartcard or mobile app you can load small amounts of value into your account whenever you want.
Riders get credit for every trip they take until they reach a daily or monthly “fare cap.” After reaching the cap all rides are free for the month or day. This “pay as you go” approach improves affordability and equity in the cost of using transit. It allows all riders using the DiriGo Pass smartcard or the mobile app equal access to discounts. Riders pay only for what they use. Click here to learn more about fare capping and what the lights and sounds are like on the bus. 
Example on all Local service:
With a DiriGo Pass smartcard or DiriGo Pass Mobile App, you will never spend more $6 per day OR $60 per month as a regular fare rider on Local bus services.
Here is a list of our fares: DiriGo Pass Fare Table.

Am I eligible for reduced fare?

Yes. Under our fare policy, DiriGo Pass offers reduced fare for seniors (65+); persons with disabilities, veterans and active duty military, youth (ages 6-18), and Medicare cardholders. To pay reduced fare, if you don’t already have a reduced fare card you can apply for reduced fare status by completing an application at the METRO Pulse, the Saco Transportation Center, and South Portland City Hall. Riders eligible for reduced fare may pay with cash, a DiriGo Pass smartard, or DiriGo Pass Mobile App.

Can I use the mobile app and smartcard at the same time?

No. Your DiriGo Pass account requires you choose which one you prefer. 

Do you have translated information with instructions on how this works?

How to Download and Register the Umo Mobility Mobile APP 

Translated instructions on How to Download and Register your DiriGo Pass Mobile App.

How to Register your DiriGo Pass Card 

Translated instructions on How to Register your DiriGo Pass Card.


Can I pay the fare for more than one person with the same DiriGo Pass?

No, each person must have their own unique DiriGo Pass smartcard or mobile app. 

How will the reader on the bus know the correct fare type?

The DiriGo Pass reader knows whether you are boarding a Local, Express, or ZOOM Express service and deducts the appropriate fare from the stored value in your account, no matter what fare type you are. 

During the Fare Deal Promotion — March 1, – September 30, 2023 — your DiriGo Pass will automatically be charged the discounted price.

What if I lose my DiriGo Pass smartcard?

If you lose a DiriGo Pass smartcard that is linked to an account, report your lost card by calling Customer Service at 833-272-7270. Provide your username or email address to verify the card is linked to your account. Once verified, we will transfer stored value, any daily or monthly caps, and your account balance will be moved to your new card. If you have not linked your card to an account, there is no way to recover your stored value or fare caps because we cannot verify that you own the card.

How much does it cost to get a DiriGo Pass smartcard?

DiriGo Pass smartcards are available at no cost to riders.

The cost to replace a lost or stolen card is $5.00.

Where can I add stored value to my DiriGo Pass card or Mobile App?

You can add stored value to your DiriGo Pass smartcard account at the METRO Pulse at Elm Street (downtown Portland), Saco Transportation Center, South Portland City Hall and online. 

For both your DiriGo Pass smartcard and the DiriGo Pass Mobile App, all CVS and 7-Eleven locations in the Greater Portland area can also be used to load value onto your account. Please check back for more businesses and locations as we grow our Reload Network


What do the different colors on the DiriGo Pass electronic reader mean?

Green = Fare is paid for. You may board.

Yellow = Low balance. You will need to add stored value to your account. You may board. 

Red = No money in your account. You will need to add stored value before you can board. Please contact customer service. 

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